Avtra incorporates industry’s proven functionalities together with the latest technology and software innovations. Comprising a wide array of modules which can be deployed together or individually, Avtra’s offering enables carriers of all sizes and operating models to select features and options that address specific needs. Avtra is all in one integrated PSS platform with inbuilt schedules management, inventory and ancillary management, pricing management and booking management modules.

Avtra also includes an integrated DCS and FFP for managing the entire journey process and ongoing passenger interaction.

In a nutshell, Avtra PSS:

  • Provides superior user experience (both internal and customer)
  • Offers full distribution capabilities (TA, IBE, Mobile, OTA, GDS, etc.)
  • Ensures standards and compliance (IATA ET and EMD, GDS Type A/B, ATPCO standards, SSIM Compliance, etc)
  • Offers user friendly customizable web and mobile user interfaces
  • Delivers product flexibility and customization abilities
  • Brings decision support through BI and analytics
  • Offers real-time flexible reports, including build your own reports
  • Runs consistent 24/7 customer support
  • Guarantees highly competitive pricing
  • Ensures high availability using scalable modern infrastructures, over cloud hosting as well as dedicated hosting
  • Comprehensive powerful API including NDC level 3 API and OpenTravel’s API
  • Full support for codeshare options and interlining
  • Allows access from anywhere through any device
  • Comes with integrated DCS and FFP systems
Benefits of Avtra PSS
The Reservation System of Today and Tomorrow

Avtra is continuously evolving, enhancing and adapting to the latest airline industry trends, allowing for greater product and service innovations and more convenient traveling processes. By offering the latest technologies - including cloud, in-memory, analytics and mobile - or a custom combination of these, airlines can be creative and design a truly memorable journey for their passengers. Functionality has also been retained for processes of the bygone era, with legacy messaging formats fully supported within. The system provisions for industry-standard PADIS/EDIFACT, to communicate with Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) and other airlines (OAL) while also being IATA NDC compliant.

As a leader in new booking processes and technologies, Avtra offers many options for interacting with passengers - including a comprehensive and appreciated CRM module, ancillary management, campaign management and integrated FFP functionality. Passengers can also be engaged via multiple communication channels (email, SMS, mobile app, etc.) for that continuous and personal recognition and appreciation. Valuable insights and analysis are also included in each module, allowing airlines to customize and fully utilize the collected data and apply the many different options and tools for achieving their optimal commercial returns.


Avtra places a strong focus on user-friendly system interaction and simplicity, allowing for airline staff and agents to utilize the system with minimal prior training, thanks to the web-based graphical interface. The logical workflow design and methodology of each module provide fast and convenient execution of complex processes - such as Disruption Handling for example. Customer facing interphases have been designed for superior user experience andare continuously improved for even greater efficiency and ease.

Scalability and Reliability

Avtra complies with the rigid metrics of infrastructure and maintains fully redundant operations, addressing fault tolerance in every layer of infrastructure setup and services - and allows for cost-efficient and scalable platform capacity increases. Data access has been designed with the most stringent security implications, with real-time replication as well as remote DR site support; eliminating data loss in any fault or failure event, while allowing for minimal or no disruption of operations.


The experienced Avtra Team pledges continuous support and availability for both on-site or cloud-hosted environments, providing a genuine and dedicated human interaction and assistance whenever necessary.

Agility and Performance

A common challenge for airlines (their core PSS) is the lack of agility as well as degraded system performance; for this reason, Avtra has been designed to support all airline business models through extensible system design. The system has been thoroughly tested in various, heavy workload scenarios and simulations to ensure smooth and error-free performance. The application remains resilient and stable even during sudden peaks of system utilization - a very common scenario during promotional or special offers activities, ensuring that all potential passengers are captured and commercially contracted.

System Support

Avtra production support is designed with your airline distribution’s always online presence in mind. Our support centres are staffed around the clock to provide you access to support services resolving any incidents in very short time. We are committed to delivering enterprise-class, worldwide support with a single objective in mind: your success.

Agent Booking Engines Merchandising Engine Codeshare / Interline Manager
IBE / Mobile Booking Personalization Engine Charter Flights Management
NDC / OpenTravel API Finance Management Group Booking Manager
Network / Schedules Manager Agent Management Disruption Manager
Inventory Management Product / Commercial Manager Departure Control System
Ancillary Management BI / Analytics Engine Loyalty Program
Pricing Management GDS & ET Management CRM

Avtra is a web-based system which utilizes the latest open technologies and is built on top of robust, distributable, highly configurable and modularized application service and data persistence tiers. The highlights of Avtra’s technology stack include:

  • Web-based responsive user interfaces which are crafted for friendly user experience
  • Native and hybrid mobile applications for immersive user experience
  • REST and SOAP-based highly configurable API for booking services
  • Configurable SDK for booking services
  • Enterprise service bus based legacy distribution system integrations, service provider
  • integrations and supplier integrations
  • Big data analytics, NOSQL and business intelligence tools
  • Support for any standard RDBMS persistence tier; can be hosted via any operating systems
  • Test driven development, continuous integration, continuous deployment and automated web/mobile UI testing Tools
Hosting and System Requirements

Avtra can be implemented in a number of ways - fast and without the need for major hosting Investments.

Numerous options are available, such as private cloud hosting or private data centre hosting. The cloud-based functionality also enhances the service capability of Avtra, as a wide range of features and modules can be provided on demand. Computing resources are elastic and can be scaled as required; airlines benefit by paying only for what they actually consume. Avtra has partnered with Microsoft Azure and Amazon for deploying the PSS on the Cloud, to guarantee further enhanced service and support. The system can also be accessed from any standard web or mobile browser, eliminating the requirement for additional software or application installations.

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