Airlines have had to resort to offering increasingly complex loyalty programmes due to having to maintain a balance between the limitations of their existing Loyalty/FFP systems and their own revenue policies. This leaves most passengers confused about the loyalty programme they have signed-up for and gives airlines little room to delight their customers. Recognising the negative impact this has created, Avtra FFP is designed to be simple, easy-to-use and understandable, as with the other modules in our suite.

Avtra FFP supports all the standard features of a FFP system, such as fare value, distance and flight segment-based miles/point configuration; member and member card management; and a comprehensive accrual/earn and redemption/burn rule engine. The module provides airlines with the flexibility to incorporate their unique loyalty programme into the system by enabling all configurations to be performed by airline staff directly, rather than by the Avtra team. In addition to the standard features, the module offers an in-built CRM along with a personalisation layer to reach the modern traveller at every touchpoint of his/her journey. This means the airline can enjoy a closer connection with all loyal passengers through a continuous commercial relationship.

The module also makes it easier for airlines to manage their loyalty programme as it includes numerous rules to automate repetitive tasks such as missing miles/miles claim request approvals, miles redemption approvals and miles transfer. The module is also closely linked with all of Avtra's other modules, so the airline can enjoy the benefits of a fully connected system. For example, the FFP module is seamlessly connected with the PSS's Campaign Manager module, which enables the airline to conveniently launch special promotions to loyal passengers.

Avtra FFP is available as part of the Avtra offering and is an invaluable platform for airlines with an existing programme and for airlines looking to introduce a loyalty programme.

  • Extensive FFP Rules Manager

    Configure award miles accrual and redemption based on fare value, distance and flight segment, or a combination of the three. Each rule can be configured with restrictions such as booking class, route, flight type, date range and sales channel restrictions.

  • Advanced Member and Card Management

    Create and Update member profiles and send notifications to members via Email, SMS and Push notifications to mobile; and manage both physical and virtual cards with ease. Family, minor and travel companion accounts can also be managed.

  • All-inclusive Miles Management

    Avtra FFP includes automated miles redemption, automated approval/rejection of miles claims and automated miles transfer as per set business rules.

  • In-built CRM

    Member management module incorporates all standard CRM features for profiling each member and identifying their preferences so effective offers can be targeted.

  • Innovative Campaign management

    Allows for regular engagement with frequent travelers via FFP promotions integrated with the PSS Campaign Manager module. Avtra also provides for custom newsletters and email campaign management.

  • Straightforward Partner/Partner card management

    Management of commercial partners/partner cards and distribution of miles to each partner.

  • Fully-customizable B2C platform

    User-friendly B2C platform enabling members to easily manage their profile, miles transactions and missing mile/mile claim requests. Members can be targeted with offers and induced to actively progress to the next tier via options to purchase miles and tier upgrades. The platform also consists of a simplistic miles calculator and is linked with the IBE, while it could also be connected to the airline’s website.

  • Reliable FTL processing

    Automated FTL processing ensures miles are accrued to member accounts as soon as FTL is received.

  • Highly flexible as per airline’s policies

    Configuration based on FFP formats and policies, including membership number format and sequence, flexible number of tiers, restrictions on rescheduling and cancellations per membership tier or for flights paid for partially/fully with miles.

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