Avtra DCS is a modern DCS built from scratch to simplify airport operations, such that more time and effort could be spent by both airlines and airports on enhancing passenger experience. Lengthy queues at departure halls have long been a gripe associated with the aviation industry and Avtra DCS is designed to alleviate this. Starting from the automated check-in interface which ensures a per passenger processing time of few seconds, to the fully-integrated device manager with printer-switching capabilities which fully-utilises all available printer hardware, to the intuitive Boarding interface; Avtra ensures that passengers could move from arrival at the airport to settling into their seats as efficiently as possible.

Having recognised that the dynamic nature of the aviation industry means airlines need to be flexible in responding to changes rapidly, Avtra DCS also offers an advanced Disruption Manager, which enables inconvenienced passengers to be promptly re-accommodated in the event of delays, aircraft changes and flight cancellations.

Moreover, the system is in full compliance with CUTE standards and is integrated with all leading platforms, which allows airlines to utilise common user environments that may be available at their destination airports. Additionally, Avtra fully supports custom printing and scanning equipment.

In this day and age, safe operation of aircraft is a given and airlines expect more than a simple load sheet from a Weight and Balance system. This is why Avtra DCS’s integrated Weight and Balance module assures airlines are not only able to operate flights safely, but also at optimum levels of performance.

Available as both a stand-alone system and as part of the Avtra offering, Avtra DCS is your go-to DCS if you are an airline or airport wishing to streamline your departure control operations and augment revenue potential.

  • Automated check-in

    Perform check-in for multiple flights from the same check-in counter, with automated seating logic and smart excess baggage calculation.

  • API regulatory checks

    Passenger API requirements can be pre-configured either per route or flight type (domestic, international) and are validated at check-in, with helpful prompts provided for check-in agents to identify and complete missing API quickly.

  • Innovative Ancillary merchandising

    Pre-purchased seats, baggage, meals and SSRs could be received by the DCS and are automatically assigned to the respective passenger. Check-in agents would be prompted of special requirements per passenger during check-in, ensuring passenger service continuity. In addition, ancillaries could be retailed from the check-in counter with real-time inventory control between counters.

  • Straightforward Baggage management and Excess Baggage fee calculation

    Easily handle check-in baggage according to the airline's baggage policy. Avtra fully supports baggage changes after check-in, allowing authorized users to have full control of baggage tags and excess baggage fees. Excess baggage calculation is fully automated, not just during the check-in process but for subsequent baggage updates too.

  • Easy Passenger management

    Manage GOSHO, NOREC and Standby passengers with automated queues. Supervisors can also setup automatic check-in of these passengers at time of check-in closure.

  • Extensive Passenger tracking

    Avtra tracks each and every operation performed in the system, especially on the Check-in and Boarding screens such that any change to passenger data is audited. The DCS could also be connected with Security Checkpoints (via API) for updating passenger movement through the airport in real-time.

  • Effortless Infant management

    Handle GOSHO infant passengers with ease, as well as transfer of infants between parents, even at the boarding gate. Avtra’s seating logic also fully supports all parent passenger seat restrictions, meaning flights are both safe and convenient for passengers.

  • Smart Disruption management

    Avtra includes an advanced Disruption Manager which makes short work of handling passengers in the case of flight delay, aircraft change or cancellation. Passengers can be transferred to alternative flights along with their purchased ancillaries, with informative alerts being generated per passenger, ensuring service continuity.

  • Trouble-free ATB/BT Printing

    CUTE ready baggage tag and boarding pass issuance, with support for non-CUTE printers and scanners. Avtra also enables easy switching of printing operations between counters, to fully utilise all available printers and achieve lower passenger processing times.

  • Multi-channel Check-in

    Included in Avtra DCS are Web/Online, Mobile and Kiosk check-in portals which are connected seamlessly in real-time with the check-in counter, and are a key part of Avtra's focus on reducing counter queues. Avtra DCS can also be used at off-airport check-in and baggage drop locations as it is accessible from any device with a fully-fledged web browser, further reducing queues and enhancing passenger experience. Additionally, an expansive API library is available for integration with third-party platforms.

  • Through-check-in support

    Through check-in support for internal connections, with support for inbound and outbound connections from/to partner airlines.

  • E-Ticketing, IATCI and TIMATIC support

    Avtra DCS fully supports connectivity with E-Ticket databases, IATCI and TIMATIC for real-time validation.

  • Swift Boarding

    Avtra DCS ensures speedy boarding via its seamless Boarding interface. Utilising passenger tracking/history, gate agents can also find delayed passengers, so that flights depart on-time and with enhanced convenience for all passengers.

  • Integrated Weight and Balance module

    Avtra DCS’s W&B is designed to ensure that airlines can improve aircraft performance via better load distribution, in addition to the basic requirement of safety. Load sheets can be obtained in a timely manner, while integration with EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) systems could also be fully supported.

  • Comprehensive Flight management

    Setup and monitor schedules and flights with flight-wise status change/timing automation and restrictions. Avtra also provides supervisors with the ability to place flight operations on hold in the event of irregularities, so that agent access to operations could be temporarily restricted as required.

  • All-inclusive Flight Seat management

    Avtra allows agents to perform straight-forward assignment of seats to passengers and control each seat, with options for different seat block types.

  • Lists

    Avtra DCS includes a Lists console comprising an extensive collection of standard and customized lists and reports.

  • Incoming message management

    Receive IATA PNL/ADL messages from any PSS and handle exceptions via features such as Edit & Re-process and Message Invalidate.

  • Outgoing message management

    Transmit all standard IATA messages such as PFS, ETL and PRL to PSSs automatically at time of flight departure.

  • Multi-tiered User management and Security

    Advanced security features, complemented by thorough activity tracking. Airlines and airports can provide only the required users with authorization for each and every operation in the DCS.

  • Intuitive user interface

    Avtra’s user-friendly interface continues on from the PSS, meaning it is simple for users to adapt to the system, lowering agent training costs.

  • No Special software or hardware prerequisites

    Avtra DCS uses the latest technologies and is fully web-based. It can be accessed from any device with a fully-functioning web browser, which means no additional software or hardware are required at check-in counters and gates.

  • Flexible hosting

    The system can be hosted locally, at a dedicated hosting or in the cloud, as per the choice of the airline/airport.

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